Binary Options Scam: How to Dodge it! Pocket Option & Quotex


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Hey guys, David with Binary Masterclass here and I wanted to talk in this video for a few minutes about one of the primary questions we get in regards to binary options trading. Is binary options trading a scam?

Now that perception exists for a couple of reasons. Number one, in the US, binary options trading is not regulated. There is one regulated broker but it’s a very very different style of binary options trading than you’ll find on most of the other brokers. So it’s not prohibited here but it is not regulated in anything of course in the US that isn’t regulated we have skepticism over. Now I will say there is probably reason to be skeptical of binary options trading. For much of the history of this trading, since it was legalized in many countries of the world, you had brokers popping up who did have a reputation for taking deposits and never really paying out customers and creating the perception in, real in many cases, that there there is a scam nature associated with this kind of trading.

Now, in recent years, there have been and specifically as this industry has evolved and as internet accountability has evolved and the ability to review brokers and to post videos and to talk about what’s happening with different industries and brokers, there have been a number of brokers that have become established in the field that actually do pay out regular and consistent withdrawals if you follow their rules. Now, the rules can be a little bit fine-lined at times and nuanced and you have to learn the game inside of the game but if you do play the game right and you’re respectful and you follow the rules you can definitely get withdrawals from these brokers. In fact I’ve taken over $300,000 of withdrawals this year alone. Two withdrawals at or above $100,000. So I can definitely testify that you can get withdrawals from brokers.

Now, I haven’t used every broker. There’s a few that we utilize. There’s a few that I can personally vouch for from my own experience as to being able to withdraw you put in. But I can say that binary options is not a scam and that you will not be able to get your money out if you win if you’re using the brokers that are well utilized throughout the world. Now we talked about some of those brokers in some of our different videos and we trade with some of the more popular ones throughout the world. So you can get withdrawals from the brokers if you follow the rules.

Now the other one of the other claims about the scam nature of binary options trading is that the trades are all designed just to go against you. No matter where you enter in you are, you’re gonna lose, you’re gonna lose money because it’s manipulated. The trading is manipulated. Now I’m not going to say that in every instance the trading is not manipulated because there are times where we tend to get wiggled out of a trade at the last instant where it was hard to see that possibility having occurred. But one of the things that we do to make sure that we have the ability to trade in a way that is more verifiable is that we do not trade OTC currencies, number one. We only trade forex currencies and we trade the primary currencies, we don’t trade the exotics like the ruble or something like that. We trade the primary currencies and we also trade with live MT4 charting that gives us a verification of what is happening with that particular currency. So when we trade with the live MT4 charts and indicators that correspond with our Forex trading on the broker, that actually gives us the ability to have a great idea as to what may be happening with that currency and with the money management system that we use and the strategies that we use, we typically find ourselves in a profitable position with the brokers that we’re trading.


So, I’d have to say at this point, I would say binary options trading is not a scam. It’s also not a get-rich-quick scheme as well. You need to have realistic expectations when you come into binary options trading. You need to have a plan which we do help provide in training. If you come in with a plan that is well thought through, well-rehearsed, and well executed you can make money, daily money, consistent money in the field of binary options.

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