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Hey there, Danny. How’s it going?

Jason, how are you?

Yeah, it’s good. I mean today was a tough day. I placed a few bigger trades. I stepped out of my money management bit. How did that trade lose?

I had a similar one too. I took a few losses at the start and then put a first entry in at 5%. Lost that and then I thought “You know what? Today’s not the day. I’m already having a good week. No need to flush it down the toilet.”

Yeah. I mean, I almost doubled my account this week. Cool, yeah. I’m down 15%. No problem. It’s fine, I’m totally cool with it. So I’m still profitable on the week.

That’s the game, isn’t it? You win some, you lose some. And I think trying to look at the trading as a week instead of a day, you know? It makes a difference.

What are you up this week, so far?

I think about 30-35%.

What helps you to even kind of realize, “Oh no, the market’s not really working for me”, at what point was that for you?

If I was trading myself, I probably would have kept going. But hearing yourself and Dave saying it’s a tough day that sort of shed some insight into something. It’s a bit off today.

So you wrote to me saying you didn’t want to continue with the premium membership. Does that mean you want to move down to basic membership, or just pause your membership altogether? What’s that look like for you?

What time was the basic session? That’s the first session of the day, isn’t it?

There are two basic sessions and you can choose between the two. Pacific time zone, it’s either 1:30 in the morning or the one that just comes right after the premium session.

That was about $50 a month, was it? Is that right?

Yeah, $50 a month, yeah.

Alright, yeah. I would say that I would keep it at that, you know. That’s manageable. The other sessions are far too early for me. I think that’s five in the morning [LAUGHTER]. Yeah, I think that’d probably be good, you know it’s good trading in the environment of our other traders, so I think that might be an option.

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So this is a fairly new business you started. I think, isn’t it? I think what, five months is it?

Our business from the government standpoint started in January, but we actually opened it up to a first real paying member in March.

Ah, yeah. Because I was going through your Discord yesterday, and by the looks of it, you didn’t even have this strategy set up at the start of the business, is that right?

In its current form, I think it was in July was when we presented the current form of the strategy. The way that I traded is pretty much also the way that I trade Forex, it’s the way that I trade stocks. Everything. So I’ve had to make a couple adjustments because of binaries, but it’s basically what I’ve pulled from all the time in different institutional trading, and personal trading and stuff.

It’s actually funny. Just before I found you guys, I thought I had a little strategy of my own going for binary options that was working quite well.


Now now I look back, it’s ridiculous. But I was also using the Martingale but starting at a dollar and doubling up from there. So I think there was maybe eight or nine trades before you actually end up getting into decent money.


And I just had it on the five-second chart, not even analyzing anything. Just, click-click-click-click-click. I think about three days in a row I made over $800 in two hours of trading and then bank, account gone. [LAUGHTER] I think what I’m seeing more and more like I started a few courses about a year ago, and what I’m seeing more and more is it’s less about the strategy and more about your psychology.

Alright. You get so caught up on the individual settings of everything, and I’m like, that makes no difference. Yeah, so Danny what was the problem that you were dealing with before you found us?

To be honest, I’d say my main problem was I didn’t have a strategy that was working. I was bouncing between multiple strategies monthly, not really giving something the chance to work. And I think when I’ve started looking into Binary Masterclass, I jumped on Trustpilot, like I’m sure everybody does, and there’s 10 or 15 people saying that your strategy works, and after a week of implementing it, I saw that that was the case [LAUGHTER]. Something that I think I’ve noticed in Pocket Options Traders on YouTube, I feel like a lot of these people that are showing their strategies, it’s all scam. I don’t even think they know what they’re doing. Actually, I know they don’t because I tried about 30 of them. You could do 20 trades and win one or two.

Mm-hmm. Right.

So I think it’s hard. I don’t think YouTube’s a place to be looking for strategies. [LAUGHTER]

And so how was it for you, then? Kind of like, you know you wanted to do this, you know it’s possible somehow, and you’re kind of like watching all these YouTube videos, but somehow in the back of you’re mind knowing it’s not really gonna work.

Eh. You know, I know there’s a way to make it work. With binary options, you know it’s pretty risky. You’re not going to have an extremely high win rate. Using the Martin Gale is the way to go, but yeah using it with your support and resistance, your chances go up instead of blindly clicking the mouse.

Describe a little bit like what’s the process of working with us for you?

The process of working with you guys is probably the best part of my day, at the moment. [LAUGHTER]

Really? Wow.

I don’t do a great deal at the moment in Brazil. It’s good to jump in the trade room with you guys, have a bit of a joke around, and definitely have everyone else to bounce the ideas off of makes life a lot easier than sitting there by yourself and trying to win these trades. Today was a good example. I would have stayed in the trade room, probably losing trade after trade if I was trading by myself. But hearing yourself and Dave say the markets are not the best, I was happy to get out early.

So how are things better for you in trading as a result of us?

Ah, so obviously I know I have a strategy now that works. I’m not spending two hours a day looking online for new strategies. So I think my psychology is calmed down a lot. I know I have something that works.

And you said your psychology kind of calmed down. What does that mean? Tell me more about that.

I guess the first week I started trading with you guys, it was tough. I didn’t know what I was doing. My psychology was very poor. After losing a few trades, I felt like I needed to win it all back straight away. Jumping in Discord and Telegram with everybody I see, I spit my problems to you guys. And you’re like, “Yeah, you need to step back if you lose a few trades.” And I think if you’re having more winning days than losing days, you’re going to be much better off. So you don’t need to win every trade. Minimize the losses. Having the support of you guys there to tell us when it’s a bad day and when it’s a good day really helped.

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