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Alright guys, so in this video, I’m gonna give you exclusive access inside one of our live trading room sessions where at the end of the session I talk to our community and one of our community members through something that was absolutely destroying his binary options trading. My name is David Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

And guys, I encourage you to stick around to the end of this short video clip because I’m gonna be talking to you about our most popular, easily our most popular promotion that is getting ready to come to an end.

I mean I don’t know if you’re talking about chasing breakouts still or if you’re just talking about kind of, I don’t know, over trading during a loss. First of all, I was gonna so I was gonna surely address the breakout thing. Just stop trading currencies that are moving outside of the visible ranges. For some reason, they look good to you, but you just need to stop trading those. If a currency breaks through and is just starting to move to some other levels, just forget about it. Pretend it doesn’t even exist. Start trading only currencies that are within the visible ranges.

Once they start moving beyond that, you know, just can consider that a breakout, or at least for your own purposes even if it technically isn’t one, just trade up into like if that EUR-CHF would have started breaking higher, I would have left it alone. With any of these, if they get to the end of the visible range of their current range then that could be a good opportunity. If they break out of that area and start breaking into new area where there’s no close support or resistance to, then that’s where you can get into issues.

Kind of like CAD-JPY is doing now, I don’t know what’s up there, or EUR-CAD. I mean U.S market’s open so things are moving a bit, but I wouldn’t be trading EUR-CAD even though it’s going down. And I could go find an area, I guess, for it but I can’t see anything on my screen beyond where it’s at.

Now I zoom out and there’s something way down there, so I would have to wait until it’s way down there. I hope that makes sense, sir. You just got to tell yourself there’s plenty of trading opportunities for currencies that you can see more feedback on, with the charts. There’s no reason to have to be trading ones that are, it’s really tempting to see and they’re like, well it’s minus two. Okay, well it could stay minus two for two or three or four minutes and, you know, burn through your account. So anyways that’s what I think about that.

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