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Okay guys, so in today’s video, I’m gonna show you part three where I attempt to turn $4,000 into $24,000, showing you every trade in between trading binary options. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.

Alright guys, so let’s get into it here. So this is a combination or accumulation of four different trading sessions sped up at 8x because guys there’s like 60 trades at least here. And not all of this week went my way guys. So we really, Monday and Tuesday, actually Monday was a holiday, so this is beginning on Tuesday had kind of a just the first couple of days were rather a stretch. I’m starting with, you can see as I grow my account, my first entry money management begins to scale down. In this session, I am now starting my first entries at 2%, which does start to get a bit more conservative so that if I do get strung out into higher entries, they’re not as big as they used to be. So we’re in a second entry here, actually, a third entry we had to get into on EUR-CHF and this is bouncing around the money and we do end up winning our third entry on EUR-CHF and I do take actually I forgot to adjust my money management down so I actually did take a first entry loss on EUR-USD and then we ended up getting another first-entry win to kind of balance that out.

So back to 2%, we take a first entry call on AUD-USD and some of these support and resistance areas, these couple of days were just not what we wanted. We had some inflation news this week so, we do win a second entry there. Some inflation news that kind of just created some volatility that just pushed our strategy beyond where I normally like to take it, but certainly within its realms of capability. We win a first entry there, we are in a first entry winning here, and wait a minute, we do end up barely winning that first entry. We have a GBP-AUD trade here that is in the money on the first. Can we close it out? And we do, okay. A few first-entry wins in a row that’s nice.

I always like to see those. We do take an entry here on EUR-GBP it does push beyond the resistance but does come back in the money and give us a nice win so now we’re starting to roll a little bit. These 2% entries are adding up. Already a couple thousand dollars in the money, on this session which is nice. We do end up losing our first on AUD-CAD. We take our second over to GBP-AUD. Which ends up losing. We do have to take a third on GBP-AUD and it closes out nicely in the money.

Okay, GBP-CAD is giving us a bit of a stretch, but it does come down and win. Then we get a really nice response on a first entry call on EUR-CAD. We’re actually down to 1% first entries on the day. Again, the bigger my account grows, the more conservative I want to be. I want to make sure that I just minimize the risk the higher I go. We get a first entry looking really good here on EUR-USD. And one more trade for this opening trading day of the week for me. We finished with a nice GBP-CAD win. So we were up $4,500 on the first trading session of the week, which was really fantastic.

As we start off our next trading day. Looking for our first trading opportunity.

Okay, so our first trade of the next session is a put on EUR-CAD. It ends up winning. We also took a first entry put on EUR-USD. It ends up not behaving as well as we would like. I am now in a third entry on EUR-USD which it is just running today guys again it’s this inflationary news that we’ve had which has really pushed things, but my third entry is actually looking, or fourth entry, is actually looking good and we end up winning that fourth entry back to a first entry size which is a little over 1% today. AUD-CAD first ends up actually not winning, but our second does very nicely.

Okay, I do end up guys in this session, this was a tough session for me. It was a long session. I ended up having, well not as long as what could have been. I do end up losing a first and my second just barely won there. I do end up getting a nice, well it looked like it was gonna be a nice win on EUR-CAD, but it just turned around. And I think this is where things started to unravel just a little bit. We had news, we had a big move here on the EUR-USD. I tried to trade the news which oftentimes I do successfully, this time I lose a second entry on the news. We just have currencies running a little bit. I probably should have backed off and let things calm down a little bit, because I do lose a third on EUR-CAD. Gosh, trading news can be up or down. I am in a fourth. It was looking good but I do lose a fourth entry guys. So that puts me down about $5,000 from the peak of where I was at in the day, and about $4,000 down for the day.

So now I end up winning a first. I’m in recovery mode trading $500 first entries. The news has kind of settled down. Things are starting to consolidate again with the new ranges. I stick to this strategy. I end up winning another first entry there. Just kinda having to work back that unfortunate loss. AUD-CAD first does end up winning there in the last few seconds. Getting my way back. EUR-CAD, nice resistance. It does end up looking like it wants to push but it does respond ultimately giving us another nice win there.


Where are we headed here? Okay. So AUD-CAD actually itself hits a very nice resistance. I do take a second on it. My first does end up losing, but my second wins. Getting back toward our first entry or our starting spot for the session here. GBP-USD ends up pushing beyond a resistance and I didn’t like where the second was gonna go. So I didn’t end up taking a second on that currency, but I found EUR-CAD in this response and I do end up winning a second entry on EUR-CAD. I head over to AUD-CAD where I do reduce my first trade size and I do lose that first on AUD-CAD. But I take my trade over USD-CHF which is at a nice resistance and I do end up, well, I actually end up losing that EUR-CHF, second. I need EUR-CAD to help me here and it does. We do get a third-entry win. So we’re one trade away from being even for the day guys not even even for the high that I just even for the day. So I end up losing a first here on EUR-CAD. I have my EUR-USD. I’ve got my second in place, it does end up losing as well. It’s just a challenging couple of days here I had to fight for these wins guys, but we stuck to the strategy our third entry wins. We’re now back in the money for the day. Alright, I put a first and a second here on EUR-CAD and I actually do put a third in because it just ends up running and we do end up winning a third. So now starting to make back some of those profits that we lost on that fourth entry loss. My first entry here on AUD-CAD does end up winning. EUR-USD, first is, well, it is getting back close to the money. It does end up winning there.

Okay. We have to take in another fourth entry on EUR-USD. It does respond nicely. And guys this puts us really really nicely in the money, closing in on $20,000.


Okay. We are gonna win this second entry. And this will put us even closer to the $20,000 mark. Remember guys, it was only a few sessions ago where we started at $4,000. We’ve been fighting our way up here, just following the strategy, decreasing the aggressiveness of the money management as we grow. I’m still trading a 2% first entry. I’m gonna work my way down to a 1, but we do cross that $20,000 threshold.

Another first entry in EUR-GBP that is looking pretty good. Ended up winning that.

Okay, so GBP-CAD first did not win, but our second is looking good. And boom, win that. We just crossed the $21,000 mark. Okay, EUR-GBP first. We’re now down to 1% first entry. That ends up winning.

Okay, we catch GBP-CAD at a very good support. It ends up responding nicely for us. Now, because we’re down to the 1% money management, it takes a little bit longer to get where we want to go, but at least our risk is reduced and our chances of calamity reduced with that. We do get a first entry on EUR-USD, but it is kind of wanting to break out a little bit here, so we do end up losing that first. I do take the second over a EUR-GBP, which actually hit a really nice resistance. It responds well. EUR-USD ended up responding well also. So we would have won our second there, but EUR-GBP actually really kind of breaks out and now is getting itself up to a 15-minute level. But I wanted to take my second entry over to GBP-CAD, which got itself to more than -2 on the value chart. I end up winning that entry. And then I also take an entry on GBP-AUD, which is also at a really terrific 15-minute level there. I win a first entry guys. We win a second entry. Getting us just about to 23,000. AUD-USD though is giving us a little bit of trouble at this support. It comes down to a second support where we take our second entry. We do lose our AUD-USD second entry. So we do take a third here on AUD-USD. And we end up winning that third on AUD-USD.

Okay, EUR-CHF at a pretty decent resistance area. We win our third there guys. Ever so close to $23,000. Getting very very close to our target. GBP-USD first, boom, over $23,000. Less than $1,000 from our target here guys.

Okay this EUR-CHF first is a winner. I take another first on EUR-CHF as it approaches another support level. It didn’t end up responding at that level, but it does respond very nicely at the second level giving us a second entry win putting us less than $300 from our target only nine sessions in guys, nine sessions in. Okay, we do lose that first and I am approaching our target. And okay, there we go guys. I hit $24,000 I do take another first entry here.

This is probably gonna be my last trade of the day if a second gets me guys to twenty four thousand four hundred and two dollars after nine trading sessions And what was that? 125 trades trading cycles closed, we had 7 losses and over 100 wins, we had 118 wins and 7 losses or something like that guys. I take my account all the way from $4,000 to over $24,000 and now let’s go see what kind of withdrawal I’m gonna make.

Now we are gonna head over and show you the withdrawal that I took this week, after my nine days of trading. Go to the withdrawal section here we’re gonna paste in my Bitcoin address. Guys, I’m gonna take a withdrawal. I’m gonna take my account down to $15,000 to start the next week, which means I need to take a withdrawal of $9,402.77, here we go, continue and come on, boom. There we go. This withdrawal is now in and we’re gonna start the week, the next week trading at $15,000 even. Alright guys, so we did it. $4,000 to $24,000 in nine trading days. Guys, if you would like to join us live in the trading room where you have the opportunity to also grow your account with us, we have three live daily trading sessions. Our Premium members get access to all three sessions and guys, we’d love if you joined us as a Premium member. If you’re already an experienced binary options trader and would like to take your trading to the next level, join in as a Premium member guys. It’s only $199 a month. You get access to all three sessions. Guys, you get our binary bootcamp, our binary options bootcamp. You get everything that you need to be a successful binary options trader. There’s a link in the description below that will give you access to all of our current specials and guys, we will see you in the trading room.