I Doubled My Account, Can You? Binary Options Live 1 Minute Trading


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Alright guys, so in today’s video, I’m going to show you how just in One Premium trading session I doubled my account using our one-minute strategy my name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Okay, guys let’s get into the trading here, and as you can see AUD- CAD is coming up to a very nice resistance. It is oversold, a very clean level here. I’m looking to take an entry on AUD-CAD, there we go, as soon as it gets to that level I get a good entry on it. I also run over and take a similar entry on AUD- CHF, and to be a little safe, I take a couple more entries at AUD- CAD because I really do like this level. Now all of these trades do move back into the money but my AUD-CHF, so I win my first AUD- CAD, but I lose my AUD- CHF entry. But I’ve got these other two AUD-CAD entries that also finish, so I won three out of four of those positions and automatically I’m up $150, $130, $140 on the session.

I’m looking for my second entry guys we’re using our one-minute strategy here that we teach in our master class we’re using uh well an elevated version of our money management, but I really wanted to grow my account quicker, which is something that I can teach you how to do if you follow our strategy and money management. I’m watching GBP-CAD but I’m hesitating at this level. It’s at a few really good levels right here. I’m a little unsure about it, so not sure if I want to get in here or just kind of bypass it. It looks like it’s kind of already responding here, so I actually do not take GBP-CAD at that level.

Move over to EUR-JPY see what’s happening there, actually, GBP-CAD breaks out of that level, breaks all the way down to a lower level and I do take an entry or I try to as close as close to that lower level as I can. Now I did not get the level that I was hoping for and it does end up pushing farther. Something’s obviously going on with these CAD currencies. I do take a second entry on it when it hits another level, but there’s obviously something going on with the CAD because it broke down to a couple of levels and I’ve taken now some entries on AUD-CAD and on GBP-CAD.

My GBP-CAD trades second is in the money, but I do have kind of this third entry over here on AUD- CAD that is winning actually as well. Alright good, so I won a number of entries there and I’ve already almost doubled my account guys. I’m up to over $800 on the account, so you can see I’m up about $335 just in my first three or four trades. And I am kind of watching EUR-CAD but it is in this downtrend, which I don’t like. Guys if you want to join us in our live trading rooms and trade like this, click the link in the description below, we’re bringing back a huge promotion. We’ve got that news coming up in just a day or so. I do take a GBP-USD entry at a support that I was moderately excited about. It just touched the 1.25 in our value chart which is a level that we love. It actually does end up responding off of that support, so I am gonna win this first entry on GBP-USD. Banks another $43 in profit.

Okay, watching AUD-CAD and okay so we just had a news event, it was a 5:30 Pacific Time news. I don’t normally trade news anymore and this is kind of why. I did not catch the right spot on AUD-CAD. I should not have taken this entry in retrospect, but it does push down and now is starting to have issues. You can see these Canadian currencies, this was Canadian news, you can see these currencies starting now to bottom out. I actually take my trade over to GBP-USD and I take a second entry on GBP-USD when it breaks that upper level and I actually kind of thought this was gonna be good. I’m a little surprised here that this one is coming back, it tests my money, it actually comes, well what does it want to do? It comes back and uses that place as support, breaks back down into the previous range and now I’m deciding where I want, I do take a third there because I was able to get this as GBP-USD retested that end of new support level, and guys this is an area that we often will take a trade and that is when a currency retests the support or resistance that it creates at the news event which GBP-USD did. It came down and that’s a very good level to trade off by the way guys. This third entry does win very cleanly, very nicely. Takes me to over double my account as you can see, I finished just over $1,000 in the account and that’s just after like 17 minutes of trading, just a few minutes after the news event ended. Guys this is something, we don’t double our account every day, I’m not gonna pretend like that happens all the time, but if you follow the strategy and if you learn the strategy well, and if you learn to follow our indicators, these are the kinds of trades that you can take.

Now, I am actually looking at doing another challenge where I take my account from, let’s say $1,000 all the way back up to $100,000 or from $5,000 to $100,000, something I’ve done before. I’ve taken an account from $1,000 to over $200,000 guys in just like a month or two. Now that’s not typical, and that’s hard to do, but I have done it and I am looking at doing it again. So if you would like to learn how to trade like we trade and if you would like to learn how you could possibly take your account from $1,000 to $200,000 you can learn that in our Binary Masterclass Premium membership. Click the link on the description below and guys we have a promotion coming up on this that you’re not gonna want to miss. A key component in our trading Trio: our strategy, our money management, and our indicators is going back on promotion in just a couple of days, so stay tuned for that guys and we will see you in the trading room.