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Alright guys, so here we are, we’re coming towards the latter stages of our summertime trading sessions, and today I want to show you a live trading session where I took a number of really great wins. I’m going to walk you through our strategy. I’m going to walk you through our money management and show you how I made a very good amount of profit in a reasonably short amount of time using our one-minute strategy, our money management. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Alright so let’s get into some trading here. See if we can find some good entries and actually right off the bat I’m watching AUD-CAD and AUD-CHF work their way up to a couple of resistance levels.

Both of them might get there about the same time and because they’re both there, both based on AUD, I actually really like them and I’m waiting for AUD-CAD first. I don’t know, AUD-CHF might get there first. I’m ready on AUD-CAD, it does get there. I take it and I’m not quite at the top but I am going over to AUD-CHF. I am going to take an entry right there as well because AUD-CHF actually, I got that one right above the resistance which I like. Now both of these do move a little above the resistance level. I’m going to come back to AUD-CAD I’m actually going to take another couple of entries right above that level. AUD-CHF moves down into the money. I did catch AUD-CHF right above that resistance which I do like.

They both look like they’re reversing, they were both really high on the value chart and so that actually, I like that a lot. So my AUD-CAD come, both of my trades come back nicely into the money I did take a little bit guys I started out with a pretty small balance right now, took a withdrawal and I really liked these levels. I’m comfortable trading with $50 amounts on this account size.

So this AUD-CAD looks like I’m gonna win all three entries on it my AUD-CHF though has not quite responded it’s actually sitting I did what did I do? I tied my AUD-CHF. Okay okay, I’m not mad about that. I wish I would have won it. It did respond a few seconds later and my AUD-CAD moves back up toward those entries but okay gonna take a nice win there. Won three out of those four tied ones. So made hundred and uh, I don’t know, 30 dollars on those two entries.

So guys we’re taking support and resistance trades. Those are the trades that we take, when currencies get down to support, we take up trades calls, when they get up to resistance levels we take puts. And uh so just looking around see what what we can find next.

The market’s been behaving reasonably today. I actually like a lot of the chart patterns, so confident we’re going to find something else here. Just need to move some of my currencies around, see if there’s anything I’m missing.

Kind of watching this AUD-CAD move down. Watching some of these AUD pairs move through the money. A couple other pairs are moving, just kind of glancing around. GBP-CAD is at an interesting spot, do we like GBP-CAD here? I think I might. Am I going to take GBP-CAD here? It’s at a decent level.

I don’t know. I’m hesitating for some reason. It’s got a decent amount of room below it, if it does decide to break down. I don’t know. If I want it here, don’t know if I want it. It does move down to oh it kind of just bounces off of that bottom level. I think that probably was the spot honestly, I’m not sure quite why I hesitated there. You don’t have to take every trade to make money, in fact, I oftentimes miss a number of trades and it looks like this one is actually viewing pretty well. This would have been a nice win. I think it looks like a number of members of our trading room actually have taken this trade.

EUR-JPY getting itself up to a resistance. Deciding what I want to take next. I like EUR-JPY here. Okay, actually GBP-CAD, I like GBP-CAD coming down to that, I took GBP-CAD and it’s actually I thought I got that support but it actually spiked down to that support level, a second after I took the trade. So I’m kind of in a vulnerable spot, don’t really love my spot here. I don’t really want to putting more entries on this trade though because I feel like my entry just isn’t what I want. It does break down below this level, so I’m just going to let this one ride definitely could still win it. Will oftentimes see currencies spike below levels and finish above but I actually because of that big move, we’re well over -2 in the value chart, I decided to take a couple more entries.

We have GBP-USD also, okay. So AUD-CAD came down to a nice support, so I moved over to AUD-CAD. I took a couple of good entries on AUD-CAD which I felt were good entries but we are out of the money on those. Let’s get back over to my GBP-CAD. GBP-CAD looks like it is wanting to reverse, okay, it does bounce in the money for us. These CADs are finding support a little bit at these levels. They were very overextended and AUD-CAD, which I don’t always love, was at a nice level so these two GBP-CAD entries are going to close out their boom in the money nicely let’s go back over to our AUD-CAD entries and um it was essentially like a second entry. I took a kind of a double first on GBP-CAD and here we go, these entries are going to win nicely on AUD-CAD. And okay a couple more hundred dollars profit, takes us up to over $800 on our account. If you remember I think we started at $487, if I remember right.

See if we can find one more before we close out this session. Looking around, see what we see. We’ve got GBP-USD that’s moving down, pushed through with support if it gets down it’s at another level right here. At another level, deciding if I like it at this level. The MT4 looks a little bit better than my Pocket Option here. It looks like it’s actually already started to recover, they don’t feel like they’re, okay, so I have just taken an entry there, I uh alright so it does actually push back down to retests that area. EUR-USD is kind of in the green here GBP-CAD is in the green, so kind of hoping our GBP-USD decides to respond to like these other two currencies have. Getting a little bit of green here, I kind of feel, I feel confident. I think we’re gonna be okay here.

Okay, there we go there’s a nice move let’s see if we can get all the way back up to that resistance right there push through it. Come on, alright it does push through it just a little bit only got 13 seconds left so I think we’re gonna be okay here, boom it blasts through that air resistance area on the new candle and we’re going to close out that trade in the profit boom okay guys here we are $370 in not that long I’m trading like 10 minutes Trading not bad we’re just following our strategy following our money management as far as the second entries go you can see I was trading a little bit more aggressively than the one percent that we do teach I was obviously trading much higher than that on my first entries but the market was behaving well today I always come into a session I see how the Market’s behaving I see if it’s playing our game and then I decide what sort of money management I’m going to employ in this case the market had reasonable volume today it was actually respecting support and resistance pretty well we weren’t really close to any major news time frames so I wasn’t really afraid of any really significant movements just wanted to see if I could come in and capture some moves and get out which I did so obviously I wasn’t risking a whole lot because I only had like 487 dollars that I was started with trading and so obviously the worst I could do is lose 487 dollars but out of that I was able to catch a few good entries make $370 close out my trading session come back into tomorrow and we will make some money

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