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Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. David with Binary Masterclass here, and in today’s video, we’re gonna discuss the topic of trading turnover. And you’re gonna wanna stick around to what should be a very short video this week, because at the end of the video, I’m gonna be giving you a very exciting announcement about something that is coming up very shortly on our channel.


Trading turnover. What is trading turnover, you ask? And why is knowing what trading turnover is even important? Simply put, trading turnover is the total of all of the dollars of trades that you make in a particular trading session. For example, if you were to take 10 trades in a session and each of those trades were a $10 trade, you would have a trading turnover for that session of $100. Let’s try it a different way. If you were to take a $50 trade and then a $100 trade you would have a trading turnover of $150. Why is trading turnover important? Well if you trade with Pocket Option and begin to successfully trade with them and then end up requesting some larger withdrawal amounts you inevitably will run into this issue.


You will more than likely get a communication from Pocket Option after one of your withdrawal attempts, indicating that you were trading with an automated trading bot. It doesn’t matter if you are not trading with an automated trading bot, they will accuse you of trading with an automated trading bot. When and if you get that communication indicating that they have detected automated trading activity on your account, they’re going to require you to trade a certain amount of trading turnover at a time frame of 90 seconds or longer. Now the trading turnover that they require that you trade will vary upon your account size and the size of the withdrawal that you are requesting. In my experience they’re gonna require that you trade a trading turnover of five to ten times the amount of the withdrawal that you’re requesting.

Okay so when this happened to me, I had requested a withdrawal of $100,000. In the communication that I received for Pocket Option, they required that I had a trading turnover of $500,000 at a time frame of 90 seconds or longer per trade. To put that in perspective, if my trade sizes were $1,000, it would take me 500 trades to reach that required level of turnover. In most cases, it’s gonna take you a number of days, if not a week or two, to reach that turnover safely. But in every instance, I’ve seen so far, when you do reach their required turnover, they will reinitiate your withdrawal abilities and grant your next withdrawal request.


Alrght, guys, so in a nutshell, that is trading turnover, and that is why trading turnover may become important in your binary options trading journey. Alright guys, so at the beginning of the video I said there was going to be an important announcement about something upcoming that we were planning. Next week we are scheduling our very first YouTube live webinar where we discuss our company, what we do, who we are, our strategy, our indicators, our live trading sessions, and how you can come make money live with us in the trading room Monday through Frida. So stay tuned for that announcement. And as always guys remember if you liked the video, please click like on the video, subscribe to the channel and drop a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you. We’ll see you in the trading room.