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Hey guys, David with Binary Masterclass coming to you early in the week this week and I just wanted to talk to you a minute about my trading plan and expectations for the week, what I’m expecting out of my trading for the week, and the importance in having a plan in place for your trading. If you don’t have an expectation as far as where you want to go or I think have a written plan as to what you’re expecting, you really don’t know how to measure whether or not you’re succeeding. You could have a great day trading and not know it’s a great day and not celebrate your great day because you really didn’t you don’t have an expectation as far as what a great day should look like.

So for me guys, I’m trading two brokers this week. I’m trading Pocket Option, which has been my primary broker, and I’m also trading Quotex, which is another broker we’ve been starting to utilize more. We have links in the descriptions for both of those brokers if you’d like to join up with us. But I’m starting both of these accounts at around the $3,000 level and I’m actually expecting to at least double both of those accounts this week and then to take at least a $3,000 withdrawal off of each of those accounts. That might sound a bit crazy or lofty to you but honestly guys that’s a very reasonable and mild expectation. That means I only have to trade or increase those account sizes about 15% per day. We trade about an hour and a half per day. That’s only 10-12 successful trades per day per broker or less, which is very very achievable. We oftentimes well exceed that. Now some days are rough and I have to recover from those, but for me that’s a very mild and reasonable expectation. I could hit it much earlier than Friday. I could get well above it or I could fall short. Hopefully, I don’t, but that’s what that is what I would consider to be for myself a successful week. I’m going to double both of my accounts. I’m going to take off those withdrawals and I’m going to chalk it up to another great successful trading week.

So I’m going to ask you what is your expectation for your trading this week? What are you wanting to do with your account sizes? What would you consider to be, to have been a successful week of trading?

I also want to invite you to join us live in the trading room and trade with us and help get to your goals with us. One of the things I’ve learned over the past months is that we trade better together. You know, trading in community is better and more successful than trading on our own. I find I break my rules more often when I’m trading by myself. I’m more disciplined. I’m more patient when I am trading with a group of other individuals. I feel more of a sense of an accountability when I’m publicly talking on air about how my trading is going and so I typically end up getting better results while I’m trading with our community.

So I want to encourage you to get a plan for your trading this week. You know, set some written targets and expectations out of what you want to see per day, what you want to see for the end of the week, where you’re expecting your account to be. And then I want to encourage you to subscribe to our channel, click the like button, and head on over to binarymasterclass.com. There’s a link in the description. And sign up to trade with us Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. Pacific for our regular members and 5:15 a.m. if you’d like to join as an extended or a premier member with us. You can also get our indicators, you can follow along with us every day, learn how to trade binary options more successfully, and even more importantly than that trade along with the community of traders and learn how to take this and add this into as a successful part of your money making strategy this week.

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