Binary Options Strategy Works. But a Pocket Option Withdrawal?


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Alright guys, so today we’re going to be addressing one of the biggest questions surrounding the trading of binary options and that is in regards to withdrawals. As you know, trading binary options is legal for US citizens to participate in, but the brokers that we utilize are located almost exclusively in other countries and the industry itself is not very well regulated, which means that brokers have no legal obligation to pay out on your profits. So the question is, do they pay?

Well, you’re about to find out.


So if you’ve been watching our videos, you’ll know that my trading has been going exceptionally well as of late. The strategies that we have been refining have continued to produce better and better results. In fact, I killed it in the month of March, by far my best trading month ever. Not only did I make well into the six figures in my trading, I also requested an even $100,000 in withdrawals.

During this video, I’m gonna show you exactly what the results were of those withdrawal requests.

Alright guys, so here we are inside of my Pocket Option account. You can see my photo up here, my current account balance at the time of this recording. And if you look you’ll see a record of my withdrawals for the month of March. I took nine withdrawals in the month. My first withdrawal you can see was on March 4th in the amount of $2,500. And you can see over here, the status was successfully completed. Work your way up the list, you’re gonna see on March 12th, I took out another $10,214. Couple days later, I took out $1,928. Then on the 23rd of March, I took out over $27,000. Then the next day $4,300, the next day $2,600 and then another $2,500 that day, and then on the following Monday I took out $18,000, and then on the last day of the month I took out $29,865. If you add up all nine of these deposits you will get a grand total of an even $100,000.

Now if you come over to my crypto wallet, you’re going to see Bitcoin receipts for all of those nine withdrawals. And you’ll see that the amounts don’t perfectly match. And this is one of the things you’ll get to understand in the Bitcoin or crypto world is when I took out that list, for example, when I took out my final deposit or withdrawal of $29,865, I requested it in Bitcoin to my cryptocurrency wallet and when they initiated or completed that withdrawal, it was for the amount of $29,865 worth of Bitcoin. By the time that it hit my wallet which can take an hour or so to do the value had actually gone up to $30,292. So I actually made another 400 and something dollars just in Bitcoin having increased in value from the time that they sent it to the time that I received it in my wallet.

Alright, guys, so there you have it. $100,000 in withdrawals successfully deposited into my cryptocurrency wallet.

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