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Alright guys, well today I’m going to go over this week’s trading results and show you exactly how much money I made trading binary options. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Okay, so I started off the week in a bit of a hole because unfortunately during a live YouTube trading session towards the end of last week, after a very profitable regular trading session, I happened to take a pretty good size loss, as many of you would have seen. Now, I normally don’t trade that far after the open of the US market, but we were doing a live session, and for some reason, I decided not to trade on demo. I decided to trade my live account, which I am never doing again, and I did take a rather large loss in that session. So a bit of this week was just catching up from that loss from last week. All of my other trading sessions were profitable last week except for that one live YouTube session.

Okay, you can see that I opened up my account this week with a balance of $8,000. We skipped Monday trading because it was Martin Luther King Day here in America, so volume was really, really low. US markets were closed. I made $2,542 on 12 trades and 12 wins on Monday for an increase of 31.78% or that was Tuesday actually. So then on Wednesday, had an even better day, made $3879 with 36% profit, 12 trades I did take one loss early on that I had to recover from but obviously we recovered nicely and finished well into the profit. We had a very active trading day on Thursday I only made $585 because I did take two losses.

Guys, I was trading a little bit more actively this week because I had some really aggressive targets that I wanted to hit, which was going to require a little bit more trading, which when you trade more often, that means you’re going to have more market exposure, which means occasionally you’re going to be caught up in a breakout or in some sort of a movement that you’re just going to decide that it’s better just to take a loss on that trading cycle and move on and recover in the next. I did end up recovering during the session and ended up $585 or 4% on the day. I had 18 wins or 18 trades and 16 of those were wins.

Okay, so Friday we opened up the day with a starting balance of fifteen thousand and six dollars I did take 28 trades, 26 wins, two losses, very active day. I actually made $3,319 on the day. I made it a couple of times actually. I closed with a balance of $18,325, giving me a weekly profit guys this week of $10,325. I ended up taking a withdrawal of $4,129 today. It’ll probably take a few days to hit my account as Pocket Option likes to string out my larger withdrawals to the three-day time, limit but I’ve never had one denied so I’m sure it’ll be there next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Alright, so you can see for the week we took 70 trades, 65 wins, 5 losses, a winning percentage of 92.86% a little low typically I finish it around 94 or 95%, but I did again trade more actively probably took another one or two more losses than I would normally take during the week, but still very nicely profitable. 129% up on the week, which for me is a great week. It’s a fine week. Nothing wrong with that week.

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