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Alright guys, so today I’m gonna take you through a trading session where the market was not really behaving very well and our money management got put to the test. You’re gonna want to watch what happens at the end. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

Alright guys, so let’s roll into the trading session here. We start out our trading today with a first entry put on EUR-USD and guys today was just one of those days where the market was just not responding like it most often does. Guys that’s why we have our money management the way we do that’s why we’ve designed our strategy the way we’ve designed it because even though we lose a first entry here on EUR-USD we go over and find a GBP-AUD currency that is getting ready to hit a support, it just comes down to a nice support. You’re gonna win in a reasonable market 65% of your first entries when you take them at support or resistance in our experience. And GBP-AUD does come back down and retest that support but finishes nicely in the money to close out our first cycle. Guys, just a lot of these trading cycles got pushed farther than I rarely ever like to go. And I do tend to trade with larger entries, and so when I get pushed to third or fourth entries, they have bigger numbers than most people are trading with. But in this case, we go back to EUR-USD, we take a nice trade at the resistance, but it does just push itself through. In fact, I might have got in just a tad early. I think that one was my bad. I jumped in a tad early, I lost that first entry on EUR-USD, and then I think we just lost our opportunity on that currency.

And so EUR-GBP hit an area that I had previously marked from a 15-minute chart blew right through that area and then came up to a very very nice resistance where I did take a third entry. It battles around the entry it does come down decently into the money, but again guys the Euro was just kind of pushing today and I lose that one at the last second. Kind of a heartbreaking loss. I do enter into a fourth entry on this trade and at the same level of resistance, and it does end up responding thereafter another minute or so, which sometimes it takes a little longer than we anticipate to respond. But I do close out that trading cycle with the fourth entry win. We go back over to EUR-CAD and we take a call there. Comes off of the level nice. I didn’t get in at the bottom, which I generally try to do. So if it comes down to retest, like it is doing right now, it puts me in a vulnerable spot. I would have won this trade had I gotten in a few minutes or maybe five seconds earlier, but because of my late entry, I did lose a first entry on that one. And it does come up to the next level of resistance where we take our second entry. You can see that it’s having issues at that resistance. It does wick beyond it but it does end up responding and coming back down all the way through the range to this previous support actually we end up winning that trading cycle on a second entry.

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Okay, guys so now we are looking for another entry opportunity here. Switch over to EUR-CAD that’s coming down nicely to a support you can see on the indicator that it hit a really nice support area. There is one lower. So this is potentially gonna want to move down to the next level of support. It is fighting right below our entry. And we do take a second trade at that next level of support. You guys, the Canadian dollar and the Euro we’re just driving today. They were not responding as much or as long at these areas than they normally would. That’s a 70-80% chance that we’re gonna win that entry and of course we didn’t win that entry. So I take my trade over to AUD-CAD. Which is itself coming down to a very nice 15-minute support. I get an entry in at a 15-minute support level there, which is a very very nice level it does respond, stays mostly above our money and we do clear out that win right there, clean out that cycle it’s very nice to get out of another fourth-entry win, I think. So we do take AUD-CHF at that first level of resistance probably should have waited to the next level, just because of the way things were moving today. So I do take an entry at the next level of resistance which probably should have been my first, if I’m honest I probably should have been a little more patient there. I do lose my first entry my second entry is battling. It did wick above that resistance, but it does come down and give us a nice second-entry win there. Okay guys, so we’re out of our fifth trading cycle on to our sixth trade of the day where we take a first entry on AUD-CAD at a support. It does move down just to the next level of support which is right below it and it moves back up into the money so our first and our second are in the money right here and we do win our first entry and then a few seconds later it actually responds very nicely finally to a support level and we win our second entry on that as well, which is really really nice. We move to our last trade of the day, GBP-AUD. Now guys, this one really pushes us even again farther than I like to go but this is what the strategy is for. You can see that was a very very nice level on GBP-AUD. That was a 15-minute level. 90% of the time it’s gonna respond to that level but it moves all the way up. I really wish I had gotten an entry, a second entry up at that next level, but I didn’t. It comes down to our entry, which has now become support. We do lose that entry, so I’m hunting around trying to find another entry because we lost the opportunity on GBP-AUD to take another entry. It had already made its response and come back down. So, looking for where we’re gonna want to take an entry, and we find AUD-JPY at a support. You got to be careful sometimes with the Japanese currencies, the currency, the Yen does tend to push for long distances this one does play around at our support, and I don’t think I got it quite at the right level I think I was just above the support. I do take a third entry though, because our second loses and it does look like it’s wanting to respond there, it’s trying, but it comes down and retests that support area and guys it just pushes through, frustratingly pushes through. So I load up another fourth entry because it does get itself, well actually, we’re gonna move over to AUD-CHF with this fourth entry because it finds itself at a very nice 15-minute level as well.

These 15-minute levels are generally golden. Today they weren’t as responsive and so we did get our money management stretched further than I want. This one pushes out of the money, came back up, retested, moves up through the range, clears out another fourth entry win, guys giving us nearly a 3,000 profit in seven trades, over about a 30-minute time frame. And again, this pushed me farther than most of my sessions do. I generally don’t need to take fourth entries and I rarely ever will have two fourth entries in one session But if you follow the strategy if you follow the money management guys, you’re gonna come out ahead on your trading cycles about 95% of the time or more which is what we did in this case. We made $2,900 in just about 30 minutes of trading

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