Binary Options Mentoring Using Quotex & Pocket Option


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Hey guys, David with Binary Masterclass here. I wanted to come on and talk about the very special mentorship program that we are getting ready to start here in just about a week. And let you know we have a couple of spots available remaining to be filled. If you have been trading binary options for a while and are ready to take your trading to a new level, if you have the ability to trade a $2,000 size account or more, then we are interested in getting your application in to be a part of our mentorship. Guys, we’re going to teach you how to scale your account much more quickly than you normally might be able to. We’re going to teach you the inside tricks to our strategy. We’re going to teach you different money management systems. We’re going to walk you through personally with weekly Zoom mentoring and daily trading sessions how to get your account to double, sometimes even triple, or more in a single week.

Guys, I’ve taken my account at 5, 6, 700% in one week on a regular basis and we want to teach you how to do the same thing. Obviously, there are no guarantees and there is risk involved in trading binary options, so we want you obviously to be aware of that and you would be if you’ve been trading binaries for a while. But if you’re interested in being a part of this mentorship program, guys, you only have a couple of days left to get your application in. We are selecting applicants over the weekend and starting into the beginning of the week. Then go ahead and click on the link in the description below and fill out the application. Then we will get right back with you.

And we’d love to have you trading with the trade in the trading room with us on a daily basis. We have three sessions a day and we’re winning very consistently. So we’d love to have you with us. Click on the link below in the description, smash the like button, leave a comment and we’ll see you in the trading room.