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Alright, guys, I’m gonna show you how we made $2,600 in three trades using our one-minute strategy and our money management system. My name is David with Binary Masterclass and welcome back to the channel.

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Okay, guys, so let’s get into the video here. And initially, we’re looking for a CAD-CHF setup. We’re waiting for it to come up and hit this resistance. It does. We take our first entry on this currency at that resistance level. Now, guys, the CAD has been moving decently today, on some Canadian news. It’s been putting in some bear ranges, but I’m not gonna chase it very far. This one does wick beyond that level. It is very oversold. I do take a second entry. But I’m not gonna chase it farther than this because it will probably be in a breakout status if it does go beyond this. Guys, I really have to discipline myself to not chase breakouts. It is my one major weak point in binary options trading. So, we’re not gonna chase this one, but we don’t need to because it actually comes back nicely into the money, and in a couple seconds here we’re gonna win our second entry on CAD-CHF.

Okay guys, trade number one in this session in the books. We’re looking around for our second opportunity I’m actually watching EUR-USD and I’m waiting for it to come down to this support level. It has moved quite a number of pips as it broke through that support. You can see up there and it does come down. We do take an entry on it. I didn’t quite get that bottom area, which was not actually the support. It didn’t quite make it to the support. It is green right now. So maybe it’ll actually be turning before it gets there. So I’m not too disappointed in this entry, because sometimes these currencies do turn early. In this case, though, EUR-USD does come down. It ends up touching that support. We’re mostly out of the money right now on this trade though. So, we do lose that first entry. I do get a second entry in place. GBP-USD had also come down and hit its 15-minute level, so I have a decent level of confidence that we are gonna see some kind of a reversal here.

It does come down and retest that lower area, and we have about 10 seconds left in this trade and it does move nicely into the green and we do get another second entry win. And we do bag another good amount of profit on this trade. So we’re looking for one more trade in this session Now we’re watching the Euro currencies and I do flip over to EUR-CAD. I’ve been watching EUR-USD, EUR-CAD. Both of them coming down to support levels. I actually like EUR-CAD a little better. It does come down and hit a support right there. We do take the entry on it and it when it does hit that support it actually breaks that support decently. And there is another level coming up on EUR-CAD here. I will get ready and take another entry if it does get down to this next level. Again, I’m watching all of the CAD currencies. Many of them are up on my charts right now. We do lose that first entry and we have an indication from some of the other CAD currencies that it may be wanting to turn around in this area. It is not, oh, there we go. We do get that second level right there. I do take a second entry. It does wick through that level.


But again, some of the other CAD currencies are also looking a little bit like they might be wanting to pull back right here. So I should do take a third entry, even though my second entry darted into the money. Some of these other CAD currencies look like they are starting to reverse pretty heavily and so does now our EUR-CAD. So we win that second entry as you can see and we are actually in a pretty good position on this third entry as well. And guys this third entry is gonna allow us to bank an additional $1,450. And we win that cycle right there, guys. Putting us up $2,600 in about 15 minutes of trading, which is taking three trades today. So very, very good profit in and out of the market, not a huge amount of market exposure, and we don’t chase any breakouts, and we do make a pretty good level of profit.

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