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Okay guys, so we’ve been getting some questions recently about what are the services that we offer here at Binary Masterclass. We have several services and products that we offer and so I’m gonna go through them one by one and let you know how you can benefit from what we’ve learned here and how you can be a part of what we’re doing.

Okay, so if you head over here to, this is what our home page looks like. You also see up here at the top. We’ve got 24 reviews on Trustpilot, which is one of the better service rating companies out there. And we are extremely highly rated by our clients on Trustpilot, so you can go check out our reviews there. But you’re gonna find out who we are here on this website, but I want to take you to the pricing page. And this is gonna go through our basic services and products that we’re offering right now. And we continue to try to expand our offerings, but we don’t want to put things out there that really aren’t worth it. So we really take time to make sure we vet what we’re doing and make sure it’s quality before we present it to you.

So our most popular service right now is our basic monthly subscription, which gives you access number one to our binary trading bootcamp, which takes you through basic introduction to binary options, how to trade binary options successfully, we go through our strategy, we go through what it’s like to be in our trading room, we go through our money management system, all of that is covered in our bootcamp, which you get access to as a basic member. You also get live trading room access to one of our two basic trading room sessions per day. Our first trading room session for the basic members is at 1 a.m. Pacific and I think that translates to 10 a.m. in the UK or much of Europe and then the second session for basic members is at 6 a.m. Pacific 9 a.m. Eastern and that is the afternoon in the European session. You’re gonna choose between one of those two basic sessions. You also get a personal coaching session as a basic member. A lot of people don’t know that, but you do. So that membership is $49 a month. It’s generally our most popular introduction into who we are as a company.

Our next service offering is our premium membership. Guys, this runs $199 per month. You get everything that’s in the basic membership, but you also get access to all of our trading sessions. You can trade with us in all three sessions a day, those two basic sessions that I mentioned, but also at 5 a.m. Pacific, or 5:15 a.m., one hour, or 45 minutes before our second basic session is our premium trading session. And in this session, we trade a little bit more actively and we were generally always very, very profitable in that session. You also get access to all of our coaching call archives and you get some more, some more private coaching as a premium member. There’s a special Telegram group just for our premium members. We do some special calls just for our premium members. You also get discounts on our indicators. Um, and guys, so with that, that membership runs $199 per month, but if you bring over to us when you join a Pocket Option account and a Quotex account, one of them being funded to a minimum of $3,000, you’re gonna get that premium membership for free, guys. We’re gonna waive the $199 if you’re trading with us with an account size of $3,000 or more. So you’re gonna get that for free, which is a massive, massive value.

Our next product, those are our two services. Another service that we have, I think is listed down here, is private coaching that is available on an individual basis. You can sign up for private coaching if you want coaching beyond the coaching that you’re getting with our memberships. You can get coaching from us individually, from Jason primarily, or from myself as well.

The next product or service that we offer is our indicators as a stand-alone product, guys. For $199 right now, you can get our indicators. If you just want to buy our indicators, you can get them for $199. These are what we use to win a huge percentage of our trading cycles along with our strategy and our money management. And guys, you can also get those indicators for free right now through the end of the year if you sign up for one of our two membership levels and you bring over a funded account for Quotex and Pocket Option to our affiliate link. They only have to be funded to the broker minimums in order to get the indicators. If you want to get the free premium, of course, one of them has to be funded to at least $3,000. So, guys, that’s how to get our indicators for free right now through the end of the year, or they’re well worth the $199 regular price. You can make that in a session regularly.

And then our new product that we’ve added to our repertoire here is our Binary Options Bootcamp as a standalone product. Guys, right now, if you just want our bootcamp, let’s say you want to trade on your own, which you know, you’re probably gonna do better trading in a community. But if you just want to continue to trade on your own and you want to go through our binary options bootcamp, guys, you can get that right now as a standalone product for $299, rarely $499. We’ve discounted it down for a limited time. I’m not sure how long we’re gonna run this for, but right now you can get our bootcamp for $299. It gives you a ton of great training that will take you from not knowing anything about binary options to taking you through how to trade binary options. It takes you through our strategy. It takes you through our money management. There are sessions on psychology. Everything you need to understand how to trade binary options successfully is in this boot camp. So if you want to buy that as a standalone product, hop on, you can get it right now, But guys, I would encourage you the most, the highest degree of probability you’re gonna have trading binary options successfully is trading in a community. It is just easier. There’s more accountability. You get to hear what other people are thinking. You get to hear what the moderator’s thoughts are of different trades, you’re gonna see where other people are taking trades, you’re gonna have confidence about your trade entries if you’re trading with the community, and we would love to have you trading with us. There’s ways to do it for free, there’s all kinds of options you have that I’ve gone through, so rewind through the video if you need to remind yourself of those.

And guys, we would love to have you trading with us. Things are gonna be rocking at the beginning of the year. Now’s a perfect time to get in and to learn about binary options or to take your binary options knowledge and trading to the next level. So when the beginning of the year kicks in, you’re ready to go, ready to roll and make some big money. Guys, we’ll see you in the trading room.