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Hey guys, coming to you today with another video where we answer the top questions we get here at Binary Masterclass in regards to binary options trading. And today’s question is, how much money do I need to start trading binary options?

Well, the good news is the answer to that question is, not a whole heck of a lot. Most of the brokers that allow for binary options trading have minimum deposit sizes ranging from $150 to around $500. The broker that we most commonly use has a minimum deposit size of I think $200. That having been said, that’s about the minimum I would recommend starting with when you begin to trade on your live account. Because you really do need to have some money on the line to give you the sense of really what it is like. And it’s fairly anticlimactic to make 5% or 10% on your money and have it only be five or ten dollars.

So when you’re done trading demo and you’re through the trading and you’re ready to start trading live I would recommend a minimum account size of at least $200. You can go up from that point if you can afford to lose that money and trade with any account size you want, but we would recommend starting small and working your way up.

I’ve taken a $3,000 account to over $100,000 in less than a month and you can learn to do that too with us live in the trading room every morning at 6 a.m Pacific for the regular members or 5:15 for the premium members.

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