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Hey guys, David with Binary Masterclass here. It is time for our Friday wrap up where we talk about the week’s trading, what went well, what challenges we might have faced, and we dig a little deeper into the numbers and just kind of give you an idea of what our weekly binary trading look like. And today we also have a special announcement included in this towards the end of the video as well, so you’re going to want to watch it all the way through, although it’s not going to be very long today.

So to start off with, the regular trading room actually had a bit more of a challenging week. We made money, we were up 3%, but Tuesday was particularly challenging in that we took an early fourth entry loss that put us down like 27% for the day.

We ended up recovering from that, getting into the profit for the week during that session, but it wasn’t as profitable as it normally is. But if you combine that with the extended trading room session, which happens prior to the regular trading room, the extended trading room, we were up over 100%, 102% in the extended trading room. And if you combine the two, we were up 61% for the week on the two trading sessions, which is actually pretty darn solid.

A couple of the students who trade live with us, one of them was up 112% in four days this week, another one in, oh, that was three days, 112% in three days, and then another student in four days was up 44%. And they were both in most of both sessions. I think one of our other moderators was up over 50% this week as well. So really overall just a great, great solid week of trading.

Now let’s get into my trading for the week. I’ve actually been increasing and increasing this month as we refine our strategies, as we refine how to maximize profitability while minimizing losses or the frequency of losses, and how to recover from them more quickly and make sure we’re staying in the profit. This week guys I have made $58,711 or gosh it’s hard to calculate because I’ve taken several withdrawals, but over 650% this week.


Today alone, I made $21,457 for 127%, which is staggering to be at that pace. In fact, I’m actually probably gonna intentionally slow down the pace this week I was able to take off about $33,000 in successful withdrawals as well, back into my Bitcoin account or my crypto wallet if you will.

So guys those numbers actually ranked me as the number one trader in Pocket Option not only today, not only this week, not only for this month, but for the last 30 days in virtually every time frame they offer measurements for, I’m currently ranked the number one trader.


Hey guys I just wanted to pop in the middle of the video here and run over to the social trading section on Pocket Option and kind of give you some visual confirmation about where Pocket Option has me ranked currently. You can see in the current period of the day, I’m ranked number one. If you look at the I believe that’s the current month. It’s a little small on my screen so it’s hard to see at the moment. Number one for the last seven days. Nice profit there. There you go, over $60,000 in the last month in profits.

So that’s exciting. I typically have my profile hidden so that no one can copy my trades because I do trade sometimes a little bit aggressively and I don’t want people messing up the percentages and getting their account into trouble. But I’ve actually unhidden my profile so you can go in for a few days and see the numbers if you want to verify themselves.

But if you want to trade with the number one trader currently on Pocket Option, you need to be trading with us live in the trading room Monday through Friday, the 6 am time frame, Pacific Standard Time for the regular trading room. Or if you really want to make money, you need to join in on the premium level and get access to the extended trading room as well.

You get our indicators, you get our training, you get support, you get mentoring, you get it all when you’re trading with us at Binary Masterclass, Binary Options in the trading room. Click the link in the description, like the video, subscribe to the channel if you like what you’re hearing or if you want to hear more send us a message. Visit our website and I look forward to seeing you in the trading room.