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Hey guys, welcome to the channel. David with Binary Masterclass here. Watch as we make $1,900 or 34% in eight trades in only 17 minutes of trading with our one-minute trading strategy following our custom indicators.


Alright guys, so here we are in one of our live trading sessions where EUR-JPY comes up to a really nice resistance. We take a first entry put, didn’t get it quite at the top but fairly close. At the same time it looks like something’s developing here on EUR-CAD so I’m going to jump into a first entry put here as well. Often pairs move similarly with similar currencies and EUR-JPY is having a little issue at that resistance. I didn’t get it perfectly at top, but I think, well, hopefully we’re close enough and we do finish in the money on there. Bank some profit, move back over to our EUR-CAD trade, that is moving down nicely off of that resistance. Exactly what we want to see. Our indicators are working very, very well today.

And then we move over to AUD-CHF and we take it at a resistance area as well. And it does respond off of that resistance. Let’s see if it comes back and try to test it. Got another $300 entry on this currency or about 6%, I think of my opening balance today for my opening trade size. And AUD-CHF is actually going to close nicely below that resistance. It does end up coming back and retesting. You can see, but it held on for more than a minute, which is all that we need. And we actually are going to take another actually, this is AUD-CHF. Uh, yeah, we’re taking another put on AUD-CHF, it moved up to the next level of resistance. So a new trade opportunity. It briefly, uh, came off of that resistance moved up to the next level. Now it’s sitting right above and just dipping underneath our resistance line. And alright, closes decently in the money for our fourth win of the day. Taking a put here on EUR-CAD. It’s the third time EUR-CAD is at this particular resistance area which means oftentimes it will be trying to break through and it does try to work its way up higher and so we’re watching for it to hit the next level of resistance and it was coming off of that next area a couple of times, so I did take my second entry right there. I wanted to catch it before it did what it’s doing right now. In fact, we just won that first entry at the last instant and so we’ve got a great second entry in place for $600. We won our first. We call this the dessert. This is gonna get this first entry win and now this second entry win closes nicely in the money. Beautiful.

Then we find EUR-GBP at a support. We take a $300 entry there just as it had come off of that support. Now I’m not in a great spot because I like to get these closer to the support area in case it does what it looks like it’s trying to do right now and come back and retest that area. I’d like to be a little bit closer in case it doesn’t move cleanly off but in this case, it doesn’t matter because it pushes through that area anyway so I am gonna need a second entry. I’m just looking for the right spot and I take it on that dip down at support area. Alright well let’s just see if EUR-GBP is ready to reverse. It looks like it is trying to reverse and it comes back through that previous area. Oh in and out of the money. Buyers and sellers are pushing what is it going to do? and it, oh, it just closes in the profit for us for a nice clean second entry. We know I’d say not necessarily clean, but EUR-CAD, we were in a first. Our first is going sideways. It’s definitely pushing higher. Our first closes. It does look like it wants to come off that resistance. So we do take an entry at that second resistance. We also get into a put on EUR-USD, which is going to win cleanly as a first-entry win. And our EUR-CAD does come decently back in the money for us. And this one guys, is gonna give us $1,100 and put us over $7,500 for the day. Great day of trading.

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