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Okay guys, so today we have a big one for you, for the first time ever, I’m going to be breaking down our one-minute trading strategy in detail on our YouTube channel. So guys this is information that is normally only available in our binary options masterclass. But today we are giving it to you for free. This is the same strategy that has allowed me to win my last 51 consecutive trading cycles This is also the same strategy that has allowed me to grow my account by over 340% in the last 5 trading sessions alone. Ok guys, so this is going to be a 2 part series and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Alright guys, so as we get the video rolling here, our strategy relies on 2 primary components, support and resistance, and the use of the value charts. We are looking to take puts at resistance areas and calls at key support areas. And we also want the currency to be either overbought or oversold on the value chart. And I’ll show you an example of what we’re talking about here in a moment. But we are looking right now at AUD-CAD and we are looking to take a put entry on AUD-CAD. It came up through one resistance area and it is now moving itself to the next. Now you’re gonna ask, why didn’t we take a put entry at that first resistance? Guys, that is something we will teach you live in the trading room. But we’re gonna get ready and pause the video as EUR-CAD comes up and it hits its peak at 692, which is very, very close to this top resistance area on our indicators. You’ll also notice that the value chart reading for this currency is 1.6 or just a little bit higher which tells us that this currency is in an overbought position and it is nearing a resistance level.

Okay, play the video. And it does react off or very close to that resistance at which point in time I take a put entry on this currency. Now you’ll notice the currency did not get all the way to that top support. It actually got very very close and came about three pipettes above my entry before, it then does respond off of that resistance area, brings my trade into the money, and begins to make its way down through the range. And in fact, this one’s going to get itself all the way back down to a support. So this is a great example of a currency moving itself up to a key resistance area on a chart where we’re in fact looking to take the put entry we take the entry and we are gonna ride this trade all the way in to a nice first entry. Now you’ll ask what happens to the trades that don’t win on the first entry. Well, we have strategies designed that will allow you to take a number of entries and still be profitable on the trading cycle.

So the next trade we are looking to get into is a put on EUR-USD. Now you can see on the chart, the top left chart there, that EUR-USD is at one resistance level. I didn’t like that resistance level, and I waited, and it does in fact spike up to the next level. Now, I’m gonna pause the video here, and again, you’re gonna notice that this currency pair does in fact spike at the next resistance.


It is also at about one, over 1.5 on the value chart, meaning it, again, is in an overbought position or yes, an overbought position, and as we roll the video, we will see that it actually responds very very nicely and quickly moves us down in to the money. Now there was a lot of velocity in the in the upward movement of this courage we which gave me an indication that it probably would respond pretty hard off of that resistance area. Now they don’t always do what we want. In fact, you can see I did not get the top of this trade. I’m almost a pip I believe off of the top of this trade. It opened at 1.3 and a 5. So we were not at the top of this trade by a good margin, but that’s okay because the velocity and with which is currency moved up, it responded very quickly and very hard off of that resistance, immediately bringing us down into the money. And this is another trade where we’re gonna win very cleanly a first entry as we close this one out. A nice clean first-entry win there.

And now for our third trade of this session, you can see that EUR-USD did in fact end up popping through that resistance eventually, and it is again moving quickly up to the very top resistance on our chart. And we’re gonna wait patiently and try to snag a good entry here. It does launch itself up and there we go, right there. I think that’s a good spot to take an entry. And we do in fact get a first entry right at that resistance. And guys this currency is now over 2 on the value charts, which means it is a very very overbought position. The likelihood of this currency moving downward off of that resistance is very very high. So this is a very strong example of what our support and resistance trade looks like. Now guys, there’s a lot of intricacies in how to trade this strategy. Many of those intricacies you can only learn by trading live with us in the trading room because there are nuances, there are many other things covered that will help you avoid losses. We talk about how to read the indicators most specifically, what support and resistance areas are the strongest, and what currency pairs to avoid, which is a big one. How to utilize our money management system to help you maximize your profitability and we can wait, we can see that EUR-USD is, in fact, coming up trying to retest but fails on its retest we get that third first entry win. How to use our money management to maximize your profitability. How to avoid getting caught up in a breakout and biggest of all how to avoid big losses.

Guys, I can teach you our strategy here like I’ve done live in these videos, but in order to use these strategies, you really need to be trading with us. You need to go through our master class, you need to get our indicators, and you need to join us in the trading room to figure out how to really put these strategies to best work and how you can make money trading daily.


And guys, in the next video, we’re going to go over what to do if you lose a first entry as well as some other key components so you’re going to want to keep watching for the next video.

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