How to Avoid Breakouts Trading Binary Options Pt. 2


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I’ve got a very special video for you today that I’m really excited about. I’m actually going to show you inside of the trading room. I don’t know that we’ve ever done that before this very well maybe the first time that we’ve ever posted a video of what it’s like inside of the trading room. And It’s gonna start out with me giving some mindset teaching based on what’s actually what was going on in my mind the struggles. I was even having possibly getting into a trade and I’m going to completely go open up there, be completely transparent there, and also give some teaching in that about what happens in the whole psychology of a trader that’s going to ultimately allow you to be able to overcome your own thoughts and mindsets that are keeping you back and holding you back in your trading. So that’s how the video is going to start.

And then you’re going to see as it transitions into a trade that that everyone in the room saw in the same kind of way so that we could actually not get a loss. It was really really cool. It’s one of the most exciting moments I think I’ve ever seen in the trading room. So I just like we got to absolutely put that on there and I guarantee you that a lot of people lost, but not the people here in this trading room. And there’s a very specific reason why, and it has to do with how we teach and how to avoid breakouts. So you’re absolutely going to watch that. And it’s really interesting that one of our members is a member of another trading group, and that trading group lost that trade. Now, I don’t want to say who that trading group was, and it doesn’t say in the video as well and I can totally see I don’t want to fault anyone for losing that trade. I actually have very very high respect for the person who leads this trading group, this other one. And so it is unfortunate that the group all lost it but there’s a reason why that trade was lost and that’s something very specific that we teach here in Binary Masterclass so you can avoid those types of breakouts.

So again I also have a very high level of respect for anyone who leads groups and kind of puts their own trade ideas out there for the whole public to be able to see. It’s not very easy to do so if you are the leader of that group and you’re watching this I want you to know I know who you are and I’m very very high respect for you and maybe you’ll also be able to get something out of what’s going on in this so that you can even improve on your trading as well. That would be my hope for this. So anyway let’s enjoy and again my name is Jason and welcome to the channel.


Oh my goodness. Well, when it was out there, I was even thinking, I was like, Gary’s probably just jumped into this thing. And there was a little thing in the back of my mind. There was a little thing in the back of my mind that was like, what would Gary be doing right now? And maybe I should figure out what Gary would be doing right now and then just do that and that could be in the trade, which is the same exact thing that happens whenever, yeah, of course you got the win, which is the same exact thing that happens. Like, you know, I’ll be thinking in the back of my mind, what kind of a trade would Dave be taking right now? If I just take that trade, I’ll have a nice win. And I lose. I mean, I lose. I mean, really, it’s uncanny how close that is to 100% of the time it is when I start doing that. And I recognized that’s what was going on. And so I was like, no, just wait, don’t take it, don’t take it, don’t take it. But I was pretty sure that you were in it. That’s so funny.

And you know and here’s what I would recommend being you guys to take away from that Okay, this is my right. I’m offering this to you as what could be a takeaway from that little story I just told right there. You decide if it’s worth taking it with you or not. But the point is, I’ve been trading for 17 years. June makes 17 years and with all of the different crazy trading experiences that I’ve had, good, bad, indifferent, doesn’t even really matter, but all of those experiences kind of put together makes me the person that I, you know, as ultimately it makes the experiences I have today. And so, and those thoughts are always there. Those thoughts of comparing, those thoughts of someone else is probably doing something better. It all continues to be there because your brain is an involuntary organ. You can’t get your brain to do anything. It’s going to do whatever it wants to do. It just spits out information automatically. You can’t help it. You can try, but do an experiment, you can’t help it. Do an experiment. It’s crazy. Your brain just automatically spits out information. And so you’re going to be trading for 20, 30, 40 years from now, and your brain is going to still spit out that same disempowering information because it’s just what the brain does.

You can’t help it. It’s like your lungs as long as you’re alive will always breathe. There’s nothing you can do about it. They will just always breathe. Why? Because they’re lungs. Your heart as long as you’re alive, will always beat and pump blood and receive blood over and over and over. There’s nothing you can do about it. And it will always do it. Why? Because it’s a heart. Your brain will always spit out thoughts over and over and over. And usually disempowering thoughts. There’s nothing you can do about it. Why? Because it’s a brain. Just what is. So for you to have to get over that in order to be a successful trader you will never be a successful trader. Ever. It’s recognizing those things and then just calling them, then just letting them be meaningless to you. Utterly meaningless to you. And yeah, but the point is, those comparing thoughts will always happen. I’m watching this GBP-CAD. Those disempowering thoughts will always happen.


All those memes you see on Facebook or whatever, oh no, I’m not going to, look at that, not gonna do that. No way, Jose, am I going to do that. It probably, you very well may get a win out of that right there, but no way, Jose, am I going to do that. Is that well above plus two, but still, I’m not doing it. You guys see that? Who can see that? Who can see why I aborted ship before it even got down, before I even got there? Good job, Ron. Who else can see that? Please tell me, before I even say anything about this, please tell me that some of you can see why I so strongly aborted SHIP before it even got to that level. Good, Claudia can see it. Samuel can see it. Yeah, you nailed it, Ron. Absolutely. Poundcat, okay, great. All right, you can’t see it TJ, no problem. You’re brand new still, no problem. Max, you see it, perfect. All right, you’re asking, yeah, exactly, Poundcat. Yeah, Kaguirre, you see it. I literally have goosebumps right now, guys. I literally have tears in my eyes right now. Like, I am so deeply touched that you guys saw that. Do you realize how many traders out there who are trying to trade support and resistance never saw that and they lost and they’re kicking themselves and maybe they blew their accounts or maybe they’re down 20% or maybe they’re down 10% or maybe they’re only down a half a percent, but they’re kicking themselves because they couldn’t see what was going to weaken an otherwise strong level. But you guys can, because you guys rock. You guys see, you guys are taking the coaching. Here we go. Slow and momentum and BAM weakening that level, alright. Good job everyone. Good job everyone. On that high, I’m going to end the trading room because that, I am so inspired. I am so inspired. TJ, keep posting your videos and also watch the other videos. Go back and watch the videos of Kagwiria. She posted a couple of videos in Facebook that I really explained this very, quite a bit if I remember correctly. I think it was yours, Kagwiria. So go back and watch my responses to her videos, and I think that you’ll glean from that. Yeah, still going up. Exactly. See? I mean, it’s… And do you realize how many people are chasing this right now? All right, cool. And just keep… Exactly, Gary. That’s it. That’s the most incredible sentence of the day. That is the most incredible sentence of the day. Do you realize how many people are chasing that? Not me. And the thing is, it’s not that you guys are just out of this trade. It’s not that you guys just didn’t get into this trade. It’s that you guys saw why to not get into that trade. You saw why. You recognized the anatomy of the trend.

So there’s a little bit of a picture into the trading room and in that video, I made reference to another video that I made about how to identify breakouts even before they happen and you’ll see a link that you can go and watch that video if you’ve not yet done that. I highly recommend it. It’s very informational, very educational and you’ll get a lot out of it. And also we have through the end of this month, we have an, a promotion that if you become a premium member between now and the end of this month, now on the end of July 2023, then we will even give you our indicators for free. So you want to jump on that, go to and join us as a premium member. You get access to all three of our trading sessions and even more of this content that we make available only for our members and so I’m really looking forward to seeing you in the trading trading room.