Aggressive Strategy Pays Off: Is This a Good Idea?


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Alright guys, so today I’m gonna show you how I made over $8,000 in just one of our trading sessions using, of course, our one-minute strategy, as well as our money management, maybe pushed a little bit to the extreme. My name is David with Binary Masterclass, and welcome back to the channel.

Alright guys, so before we get into the trading, I just felt like it was important to let you know that these results that I’m gonna show you today are not typical of binary options or necessarily of even my trading results. In fact, this is one of the better sessions I’ve had in a number of months. Now things have been heating up in the trading room and with my trading. If you’ve been watching some of my trading, you’ll know that I’ve taken my account from about $1,000 a few weeks ago up to about $30,000 today using the same strategy with maybe a little bit more aggressive money management. Not all the time. Sometimes I trade the exact same money management as we teach in our binary masterclass, but when the market’s giving it to you, I just feel like it’s important to take a little bit more when the market’s giving more. So there are times when the market is not giving as much and we’ve got to play it very conservatively, but in this session today the market was just giving away some money and we were here to take it.

And guys if you hang around to the end of the video which isn’t too long, I’m gonna give you an update on a very special promotion we are running on our premium membership which gives you access again to three trading room sessions per day.


Okay guys, so let’s roll the tape on our trading here. And today we took trading seven cycles. This was the second trading, basic trading session of the day. You never know when the trades are gonna pop up. We actually had a really good premium session as well, but it just so happened that some of the better trades appeared during the basic trading session, which all of our members have access to. And we took seven trading cycles today, which is not uncommon for that session.


We’re actually looking right here for actually a call on EUR-GBP. Now you see that EUR-GBP did shoot past that support. So, I did actually take a second entry on that because it did dart farther down below that support than what I had expected. And let’s see how this plays out. We are out of the money right now on our first and our first actually ties. And our second, half of our second won. So, okay we did make some money there. We made about $1,100, not too bad. I was hoping for a little bit more on that trade.


Now we are looking for EUR-USD to come up to this resistance. It is in a downtrend and I really like taking trades against or with the trend, I’m sorry. So I’m looking for a put and there we go. It pops up to that resistance, we do get a good put just at that resistance level but it does decide that it wants to move higher. I do take a second entry right there, might have been a little soon. I just didn’t think it was gonna make it to that next level let’s see what is does here. It is sitting below our entry which is great and we are gonna win a second entry right here on EUR-USD. Alright, another couple thousand dollars in the bank on that trade. You can see it really pops down pretty quickly, and now EUR-USD is coming back up again and it is moving up towards this resistance. I think I’m gonna look to take a put again at this resistance, the same level that we took our previous entry. It’s moving up pretty quickly here, okay it’s almost there and I do take an entry. It did not quite make it to that level. Am I gonna regret that? Okay it did pop up to that level it is sitting just inside the money for us.


What’s it gonna do? It pops up there again. Unfortunately, my first entry does lose. It gets itself a little higher. I do take a second and gosh, it pops even higher here. If it gets to this next level, I’m probably gonna get in with a fairly decent-sized third entry right there. Okay, actually that is a little bit bigger than I was intending. I got a little bit happy on that one, but it does come down. We do tie one of our two second entries and now we are very, very nicely in the money, which is hopefully gonna be a very good trading cycle for us here. We’ve actually got $13,000 riding on that trade and we won that trading entry.

Guys, we’re up about $6,000 dollars just in those three trades alone. Again, EUR-USD popping up. I do like to trade EUR-USD. It is the most traded instrument in the world of any kind. I do take an entry just below that resistance and actually go over and take an entry on EUR-CAD as well, which itself hit the resistance and is coming close to a 15-minute level. Watching both of these trades. EUR-CAD is actually getting to that next level, that 15-minute level, which it does spike past. I do take a second entry on both of these currencies EUR-CAD and EUR-USD. EUR-CAD, I go a little bit bigger on because it does hit a very nice 15-minute level. EUR-USD comes down to the money. We get our second entry win there. EUR-CAD is moving down, another $1,100 right here. And guys, here we are at over $28,000 in the account here at the moment.

See if we can find another trade or two to polish off the session. Watching GBP-CAD up at this, I have a 15-minute level marked on the chart, you can see on GBP-CAD it does hit it. I don’t get the entry that I want though. I’m actually a little bit sad because I really wanted that resistance, and I just was a second or two late. It does pop up, hit that level again, continues to bounce off. It does push through that 15-minute level, so I go up and get ready to load in another entry and I lose that first entry on GBP-CAD. I’ve not taken a second on it. Head over to AUD-CAD to see what it’s doing. Looking around just to see where I want to take my next entry.


GBP-CAD looks like it is responding already, so we lose the opportunity to take that GBP-CAD trade. Maybe it does come back up. Is it gonna retest that level? Maybe I’ll take my entry at that resistance if it can retest.

Just watching what it’s gonna do here. Okay, it is getting itself back up. It does hit that level and I do actually move over to EUR-CAD and I actually take my entry on EUR-CAD which was doing the same thing. It hits a 15-minute level and it actually pushes through a little bit, which isn’t surprising. It’s not very far. It’s less than a pip through that level. It does come back down and we lose that trade by one pipette in the last second, so I take my second right there because I still do feel like this one is gonna respond. It does end up responding we’ve got a second entry placed on EUR-CAD.

And here we go we, do win our second entry on EUR-CAD, giving us another $600 in profit between those two entries, and how about we find one more? It looks like we just missed the opportunity there on EUR-CHF. Looking for GBP-AUD up at a resistance. Okay, it does get there.

I do take GBP-AUD. It moves all the way up in that one candle from almost a support to the resistance. I didn’t get the top. I’m hoping that doesn’t come back to bite me here, but it actually does move down and nicely cleanly into the range.

And there we go, guys. That is how you make $8,000 in just about 30 minutes of trading using our one-minute strategy and a modified version of our money management.


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