$573 in 30 Mins Trading Binary Options! [1 Minute Strategy]


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Hey guys, welcome to another one of our live daily trading sessions in the trading room where we show you how we made $559 or 9.6% in 30 minutes. Here we go.

Alright guys, welcome to our trading session. Today we had 11 trades today, and we started with a call on GBP-AUD. Actually really interesting session, 11 trades, no third entries which is really good. GBP AUD did come off of that support level that we can see on our custom indicators customized indicators. It’s going back down to test that level but it looks like we’re gonna get a nice first entry win here. All right $43 profit on that guy.

Yeah, so no third-entry trades today, which is actually really clean. It’s a really, it’s a higher percentage than average. GBP-USD, we take for a put at a really good resistance. Comes back up, tests that area. Just hanging around on our money, gets us a little out of the money. We do get a second trade ready just in case.


It’s fooling around right at that money line. Oh, and we’ve tied that trade. But I really did like this level, at this resistance level. So I take a second entry trade size on it, and it drops right away into the money which was nice to see. In the trading room, we like to say this is a good one for the cameras. It does exactly what you want, how you want it. We didn’t lose our first entry money, which was nice, so this one gives us actually a really good profit. I think we have $113 on that trade that’s good.

Alright over looking around for the next trade setup. CAD-JPY that’s always an interesting pair to trade. The JPY pairs tend to make big movements and can oftentimes take you for a ride. We also like EUR-CAD, we’re trading CAD inversely here, meaning these two currencies should be kind of doing the opposite of one another. Neither of them are in the money at this point. Our CAD-JPY does just get us in the money, but we did lose that first entry so we took a second entry on CA-JPY. It’s kind of a quick move there and we take a second on EUR-CAD because we did lose our first entry and CAD-JPY is moving against us here as well.

Get the third entry ready just in case. Ah but this one’s coming back up three two one and it just slides in the money for a second entry win. That was nice to see. Let’s go back over and see how EUR-CAD is doing. Much cleaner, much cleaner second entry on that one. So a couple of second-entry wins, hundredish dollar profits.


It’s good to see. Alright. What’s next? We take a put on CAD-JPY again. This time it moves very cleanly off of that resistance level. Guys remember we do this Monday through Friday in the trading room every morning. We trade live with the community of traders. You can come on and trade with us, take our trades, learn from what we’ve learned, and make good daily income. Click on the links in the video to figure out more but we did just win that first entry nicely. EUR-CAD, we take a put and it does again come cleanly off of that resistance level. We’ve got our own indicators that we’ve got on an MT4 screen that we’re watching constantly with customized settings that are available to you when you join binarymasterclass.com.

Nice first-entry win. Looking around, what do we want? GBP-CAD. First entry put. Took it right at the first sniff of that resistance. It bounces off. We also take EUR-CAD for a put because it looks like these CAD pairs are in fact dropping. Got in EUR-CAD a little later so we didn’t get as great of an entry spot but it shouldn’t matter. At least it didn’t there on the GBP-CAD. Well our EUR-CAD is pushing through that support level so that first entry didn’t work out so well for us.

Okay take our second it’s looking like it’s run out of momentum. I would always prefer to get filled at the top of that range instead of the bottom, but it does come up, bounce off our money line, move into the profit, move cleanly down the range, and wow, gives us a very, very nice second entry win.

Alright, I’m going to take a first entry put on GBP USD. Bounces like magic off of that entry-level, moves down well into the money for us, enough where we can look around and take a first on CAD-CHF. Although no, GBP-USD is gonna make us work so we’ve got to take a second entry on that. Didn’t expect that. CAD-CHF, it comes back down to our money line. What’s it going to do? What’s it going to do? It is going to push us to a second. Our second entry on GBP-USD is a winner. Gotta go back up and clean up that other trade now. Back on EUR-CHF second entry or EUR-CAD, we decided to take our second on EUR-CAD. I Think we missed our opportunity on CAD-CHF so we take our second entry size on EUR-CAD, launches up into the money. Now let’s just see if we can hold it for 20 more seconds. And come on. We won that one for $559 of profit or 9.6% in just about 30 minutes.

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