$1,073 in 35 Mins - Binary Options [BEST STRATEGY 2022]


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Hey guys welcome to another one of our live daily sessions in the trading room where we show you how we made $1,073 or 23% in 35 minutes. Here we go.

Alright, guys well here we go. This section was session was actually pretty clean trading all things considered. We started off taking a put on EUR-CAD. It had reached a pretty definable resistance area on our customized indicators. So we decided that was a good spot for a first entry. It was playing around at that resistance for a while and then ultimately pushed through. So we needed a second on this trade. Took it right at the next level of resistance. It moved off nicely actually.

It’s fun when the currency pairs respond the way you want it to. This one bounced off of that resistance pretty cleanly. Came back down towards the previous resistance which is now acting as a support and we get a nice second entry win there for $328.

And then we move over to EUR-CAD, again, actually for our second trade where we, again, take it at what we can see on our indicators to be a pretty good level of resistance, but it did move cleanly through that area. We also take GBP-CAD, so two CAD pairs working off of a similar strong resistance area. Our EUR-CAD does come down nicely off of that second level of resistance so we don’t even need a second entry there. Moves cleanly into the profit for us for a good first-entry win. And the GBP-CAD we caught really nice at that entry spot. We can see on our indicators and gives us a good first-entry win there. Now keep in mind guys we’re trading with MT4 charts in front of us where we can see a lot more information than what you can see here on the broker screen.

So we’re watching different levels of support and resistance and different indications of the currency being overbought or oversold to give us the information we need on how to take our entries. We do take a first here on CHF-JPY, it does move through that first level of resistance that you can see. So we decided to take an early second on it, moving around to see if there’s another trade that might be worth taking. It does come off nicely that second level of resistance, moves through the range and is going to end up giving us a very nice win for a profit of $127.

Okay so back over to EUR-CAD, it’s worked its way back down the range level we take it very cleanly at that support. In fact, that was a good enough support area where I actually took a double entry on that. I don’t do that often but I really liked this trade, so I took two entries at that level. I didn’t have time to change my pricing sometimes I’ll increase my pricing on a trade that I really like, but this time I just double-click two entries. We got a nice first-entry win there which gave me good double profit on that trade.

Okay over to EUR-AUD where we take a first entry call glancing around to see if there’s another trade we can take. CAD-JPY look lik it’s like it’s wanting to set up. Waiting for it to get up into a certain resistance area. It doesn’t quite get there in the time we need. I need to come back and babysit the EUR-AUD trade that’s now bouncing in and out of the money, but does finish cleanly in the money for a nice profit.

Back over to GBP-CAD, just waiting, didn’t get a great fill on that. I know I would have been disappointed in this session with that fill, but I did like that it bounced off of that support. So we also take a call on EUR-CAD at the same time. It does move down through that support area so I do take an early second at the next level of support. Wanted to make sure that it didn’t make its move before I could get to it. It comes down testing that area, back over to our EUR-CAD trade that does push back down through but finishes for a nice first-entry win. Back over to GBP-CAD where in the last second it does give us a second-entry win for I believe our seventh trade of the day. We move over to EUR-CHF take a first. It pushes, tries to push through that resistance in and out of our money.


Go ahead and line up the second because this one clearly moves through. I take a second as it moves off of that resistance area. It comes back down into the money for us which is it’s a good sign here, although it does come and bounce off of what used to be resistance now is a support. So we don’t want to see it come down so quickly because it can kind of trampoline back up, but it does now find itself in the middle of those two areas and we’ll finish for a nice second-entry win for us there. Going along pretty well so far here. Over to EUR-CAD. We like it there. Take a good first entry right at that support. Moves up very cleanly to where I can feel comfortable to see if we can go find another trade to get into. But it does come back down to test our entry-level. I do get a nice clean win out of that one for a $47 profit to add to our total for the day and give us a nice trading day today. Over a thousand dollars profit, just about 35 minutes.

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