1 Minute Strategy: Binary Options Live Trading | 2023


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Alright, guys! In today’s video, I’m going to show you how you can make $400 using just a $1,000 account with our money management and one-minute strategy. My name is David with Binary Masterclass. Welcome back to the channel.

Alright, guys, let’s get into the trading. The first trade is on EUR-USD, and you can see I timed it perfectly after the resistance with my initial $20 entry. I wanted to give myself room in case any of my trades today got extended. EUR-USD actually pushed through this resistance level in a non-news-related breakout. I placed a second entry, thinking it was a good spot, but EUR-USD had more room to go, pushing beyond my second entry.

Our money management allows for four or five entries. I don’t usually go up to four, and it only happens every 20ish trading cycles. My second entry loses, so I place a third entry, and EUR-USD continues to run. It’s rare for it to stay extended on a non-news-related breakout for more than three candles, and we’re at that three-candle mark now. I get very close to winning my third entry but end up losing it. EUR-USD jumps up nicely, and even though I went heavier on this cycle than I normally would, it reverses nicely in the next candle. We close out about $360 worth of wins just in this first cycle alone.

This pushed my money management further than I wanted, but that’s part of trading, and you have to be prepared for it. I take another first entry on EUR-CAD and catch EUR-GBP at a good resistance or support level. I take a call on EUR-GBP, and even though my second entry loses, my third entry on CAD-JPY is reasonably in the money. We clear out this trading cycle and make another $20 or so.

Now, let’s line up for our third and final trading cycle. We take a call on EUR-CAD, it gets down to a nice support level, and even though it comes back in the money, the market doesn’t give me a first entry on one of those days. I lose that first entry but go over to EUR-USD, catching it nicely extended at resistance. I get a second entry on EUR-USD, and if I close out this cycle, I’ll have profited another $20, hopefully pushing me over $400 in just about 15 minutes, a 40% increase in this premium trading room session.

There we go, closing out my account balance. I risked a maximum of $1,000 but made over $400 in this trading session in only about 15 minutes. This was done in our premium trading room with our indicators that you’re watching on the screen right now. You have two options: get these indicators absolutely free or buy them for $199. Sign up as a premium member, and you’ll get these indicators for free, no long-term obligation required. The premium membership gets you access to all three of our daily trading runs, individual coaching, our binary boot camp, and everything you need to be successful in trading binary options.

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